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Oracle VM Administration: Oracle VM Server for x86

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  • Architect
  • Support Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Administrator


  • Ability to administer a Linux environment and implement a virtual infrastructure using any virtualization platform
  • Familiarity with networking principles
  • Familiarity with link aggregation and VLAN technologies
  • Familiarity with storage concepts: iSCSI, NFS, FC
  • Familiarity with thin provisioning


  • Create and populate repositories with virtual resources
  • Perform the steps to create and operate virtual machines
  • Use cloning with templates and assemblies to create additional virtual entities
  • Exercise high availability, live migration and anti-affinity policy
  • Install the Oracle VM Server for x86 and the Oracle VM Manager
  • Become familiar with the Oracle VM Manager UI and CLI
  • Discover and manage Oracle VM servers
  • Add networks and storage to support the Oracle VM environment
  • Create and manage server pools


Introducing Oracle VM with Oracle VM Server for x86

  • Benefits of Server Virtualization
  • Oracle VM within Server Virtualization Landscape
  • Components of Oracle VM
  • Features of Oracle VM
  • Benefits of Oracle VM

Planning and Installation

  • Installation Planning
  • Hardware and Software Requirements
  • Network and Storage Planning
  • Installation Options and Processes
  • Post Installation Tasks
  • Upgrade of Oracle VM Server for x86

Managing Servers and Networks

  • Discovering Oracle VM Servers
  • Managing Oracle VM Servers
  • Understanding Network Functions
  • Creating Network Bonds, VLANs, VLAN Groups
  • Creating and Managing Networks

Managing Storage

  • Storage Types and Functions
  • Storage Connect Framework
  • File Server and SAN Server Discovery
  • Managing Storage Elements
  • Physical Disks Creation and Cloning

Server Pools and Repositories

  • Server Pool Functions and Policies
  • Distributed Resource Scheduling and Dynamic Power Management
  • Server Pool Design
  • Creating Server Pools
  • Anti-Affinity Groups
  • Creating Repositories
  • Populating Repositories
  • Cloning Virtual Disks

Managing Virtual Machines

  • Virtual Machine Components
  • PVM and HVM Guests
  • Installing Guest Operating Systems
  • Use of Templates and Assemblies
  • Cloning of Virtual Machines and Templates
  • High Availability Feature
  • Virtual Machine Console
  • Migrating Virtual Machines
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