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Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS Administration

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This Oracle Solaris 11 ZFS Administration training expands your mastery of the ZFS facilities management in the Oracle Solaris 11 operating system. Expert Oracle University instructors will present you with complex and integrated ZFS administration concepts that are supported by an intensive hands-on experience.Learn To:Plan for Data Management.Back up and recover ZFS Data.Use ZFS Delegated Administration.Protect data using ZFS ACLs.Configure ZFS Properties. Benefits to YouThis course highlights an array of advanced subjects and technologies. You'll walk away with knowledge about how to manage the ZFS root pool, protect data using ZFS access control lists and implement the ZFS delegated administration model.


  • Architect
  • Support Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Consultant


  • Experience with Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Knowledge of the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System
  • Knowledge of the ZFS File System


  • Managing the ZFS root pool
  • Configuring and Managing the Oracle Solaris ZFS Components



  • Overview
  • Course Goals
  • Course Agenda
  • Introductions
  • Your Learning Center
  • Your Lab Environment

Oracle Storage-Related Technologies and the Role of ZFS

  • ZFS Storage Appliance Overview
  • Pillar Axiom Technology Overview
  • Cloud Technology Overview
  • COMSTAR Technology Overview

Planning for Data Management

  • Identifying the Data Storage Requirements of the Business Application
  • Identifying the Root Pool Management Requirements
  • Identifying the Oracle Solaris ZFS Components Configuration and Management Requirements
  • Identifying the ZFS Properties Configuration Requirements
  • Identifying the Requirements to Protect Business Data Using ZFS Access Control Lists
  • Identify the ZFS Delegated Administration Model Requirements
  • Identifying the Business Data Backup and Recovery Requirements

Managing the ZFS Root Pool

  • Implementing the Plan to Manage the ZFS Root Pool
  • Managing the ZFS Swap and Dump Devices
  • Booting From an Alternate ZFS Root File System

Encrypting ZFS Data

  • Implementing the Plan to Configure and Manage the ZFS Hierarchy
  • Configuring the ZFS Hierarchy for a Business Application
  • Sharing ZFS File Systems in a Non-Global Zone
  • Encrypting ZFS Data Files
  • Migrating ZFS Data
  • Upgrading ZFS Components

Configuring ZFS Properties

  • Implementing a Plan to Configure ZFS Properties
  • Configuring ZFS Storage Pool Properties
  • Configuring File System Properties
  • Managing ZFS Properties Within a Non-Global Zone

Protecting Data Using ZFS ACLs

  • Implementing the Plan for Data Protection Using ZFS ACLs
  • Configuring and Managing ZFS ACLs

Using ZFS Delegated Administration

  • Implementing the Plan for ZFS Delegated Administration
  • Configuring the ZFS Delegated Administration Model

Backing Up and Recovering ZFS Data

  • Implementing a Plan for Backing Up and Restoring ZFS Data
  • Backing Up ZFS Data Using Snapshots
  • Backing Up and Restoring ZFS Data Remotely

ZFS Data Management Challenge

  • Reviewing the Requirements for the ZFS Data Management Challenge
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