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Developing and Deploying Applications on Oracle Solaris 11

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This course is a new and highly anticipated entry in developer's training. It addresses the developer's training requirements to learn, understand, develop, and deploy applications on the new Oracle Solaris 11 platforms.It introduces customers on “How to develop specific new features” with the hands-on practical approach in solving problems.This is a new course offering for developers who develop and deploy applications on Oracle Solaris. It is focused on the skills and knowledge required for developing applications on the new Oracle Solaris 11 platforms. This course is intended for Enterprise Architects, Enterprise Integrators, and Enterprise Software Developers, who are responsible for the building and testing of the application's framework in a corporate environment. During this course, students will examine and learn building and packaging their applications into using the Image Packaging System (IPS), setting up the development and test environment, understanding the build environment, common tools, and libraries available on Solaris. They will learn the best practices to create/reuse and debug dynamic libraries and techniques for building optimized applications, analyzing applications by using DTrace, deploying and managing applications using ZFS, and tuning Java applications. Throughout this course, students practice developing and deploying applications in the Solaris 11 environment by performing a series of guided hands-on labs that walk them through the critical tasks of building, debugging, and deploying applications. This course does not teach general Oracle Solaris 11 system administration routines or any programming language like C, C++ or Java. Rather, it focuses on the new and enhanced features in Solaris 11 that helps developers build and install their applications successfully. It assumes that the students already have the skills and knowledge necessary for developing applications in above listed or any programming language. Learn To:Build and package applications into IPSDeploy and manage applications using SMF and ZFSSet up application development and test environmentImplement new developer debugging tools and techniquesAnalyze applications using DTrace and tune and enhance applications performance using Oracle Solaris StudioTransition application development to the Oracle Solaris 11 environment


  • Application Developers
  • Architect
  • Developer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Java Developers
  • Support Engineer
  • System Integrator
  • Technical Administrator


  • Understanding of the basic Solaris or Linux OS features and commands
  • Some programming experience
  • Aptitude to build and compile software products
  • Solaris or Linux understanding, Programming, Software development/testing


  • Build and package applications into IPS
  • Deploy and manage applications using SMF and ZFS
  • Implement new developer tools
  • Set up application development and test environment
  • Debug applications
  • Analyze applications using DTrace
  • Tune and enhance applications performance
  • Transition application development to the Oracle Solaris 11 environment



  • Course goals
  • Course agenda
  • Introductions
  • Your learning center
  • Your lab environment

Introducing Oracle Solaris 11

  • Why Oracle Solaris OS?
  • Oracle Solaris 11 as a differentiator and Knowing Key Focus Areas
  • Managing Data With Oracle Solaris 11
  • Packaging with IPS
  • Understanding Boot Environments
  • Implementing Scalability and Performance
  • Using Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Improving Networking and Security

Planning a Development and Deployment Environment

  • Set up the Development Environment
  • IPS Overview
  • Recommended Packages for Development System
  • Understanding Oracle Solaris Studio Key Features
  • Installing Oracle Solaris Studio
  • Performance Analyzer
  • Thread Analyzer
  • Introducing DLight

Using the SMF, IPS, and ZFS Features of Oracle Solaris 11 OS

  • Manage Services With Solaris Service Management Facility (SMF)
  • Introducing and Managing SMF Features and Services
  • Package Management With IPS
  • Understanding and working with IPS packages/repositories
  • Manipulate, Create, and Deploy IPS packages
  • Use ZFS to Deploy, Maintain, and Enhance Applications Introducing ZFS
  • Understand ZFS Setup, Components, Storage Pool and File System, and ZFS Properties
  • Administrating ZFS and learn limitations and best practices

Setting Up the Application Development Environment on Oracle Solaris 11

  • Describe the Solaris Build Environment, Tools, and Libraries
  • Maintain Portability Across SPARC and x64
  • Develop Applications Using Add-ons and Developer Tools
  • Using Add-ons
  • Developers tools
  • List Common Build Issues

Using Oracle Solaris 11 Virtualization Technologies to Build Application Test Environment

  • Use Solaris 11 Virtualization Technologies
  • Introducing Solaris Virtualization
  • Working with Oracle Virtual Machine
  • Using Solaris Zones for QA environment
  • Creating and Configuring Solaris Native Zones
  • Knowing other QA environments

Debugging Applications on Oracle Solaris 11

  • Identify Solaris Debugging Tools
  • Using dbx, mdb, and discover, uncover
  • Build Shared Libraries
  • The link-editor: ld and runtime linker: ld.s0.1
  • Debug Using Oracle Solaris Studio
  • Using Oracle Solaris Studio for Development and Deployment
  • Benefiting from add-ons and generate optimized binaries using compiler options and flags
  • Detecting coding and performance issues using Studio tools and use GUI and command line tools to detect and fix programming errors

Analyzing Applications at Run Time using DTrace

  • Describe the features of the Oracle Solaris Dynamic Tracing (DTrace) facility
  • Describe the DTrace architecture
  • Describe DTrace enhancements in Solaris 11
  • DTrace Toolkit
  • DTrace in Java and Web 2.0 environments

Tuning and Enhancing Applications Performance

  • Understanding special features of Solaris Performance Tools
  • Identifying right performance analysis tool and monitor system and programs performance
  • Compiler and applications optimization using Oracle Solaris Studio
  • Introducing OpenMP API for C, C++ and Fortran
  • Using Performance Profiling and Thread Analyzers
  • Tune Java Applications on the Solaris Platform
  • Understand Garbage collection (GC) and GC algorithms available in Java
  • Tuning GC, multi threaded applications, synchronizations and monitoring Java Runtime

Transitioning Application Development to the Oracle Solaris 11 Environment

  • Considering transition from a previous Solaris version
  • Adapting Solaris 11 changes and using Solaris 11 pre-flight checker tool
  • Understanding compatibility issues for running applications in Solaris Zone
  • Recommended approach for Solaris 11 adoption
  • Migrate Applications and Environment From HP-UX to Oracle Solaris 11
  • Migrate Applications and Environment From Linux to Oracle Solaris 11
  • Solaris 11 Adoption Support Resources
  • Useful Links and Resources
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