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Oracle Solaris 11 Performance Management

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No hands on lab environment for the TOD course format.This Oracle Solaris 11 Performance Management course introduces you to performance tuning principles. Learn to monitor utilities and use tuning tools for the Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System.Learn To:Use the Oracle Solaris 11 OS and third-party tools to analyze performance.View and set tunable parameters for the global or a non-global zone.Monitor and report on process and thread activity.Modify CPU scheduling and virtual memory operations.Describe system caches and system buses.Tune I/O, the ZFS File System and network subsystems.Evaluate system workloads.Assess system performance.Determine the cause of system performance issues.Configure system resource for best performance.Optimize software running on UltraSPARC CMT technology.Tune the Solaris 11 OS.Monitor System EfficiencyYou'll also review Solaris subsystems and utilities to monitor system efficiency, including: kstat, sar, vmstat, iostat, netstat, mpstat, nfsstat, ps, prstat, pmap, the proc tools, truss, dtrace, the DTrace Toolkit, cpustat, cputrack, swap, lockstat and mdb. Optimize PerformanceThis course also includes a section about optimizing system resources and tuning Solaris virtualization. You'll also review content related to key Cloud performance technologies, like Solaris Integated Load Balancer and data flows control. Hands-On PracticeThe Oracle Solaris 11 Performance Management course includes robust hands-on practices. These labs will help you apply best practices and techniques to reinforce critical thinking and skills.


  • Data Center Manager
  • Support Engineer
  • System Administrator


  • Employ advanced systems administration skills in a networked Oracle Solaris 11 OS server environment
  • Create and manage Oracle Solaris 11 storage
  • Configure and administer Oracle Solaris 11 networking


  • Identify ways to measure or load subsystems
  • Configure resource management with zones and pools
  • Use system monitoring tools including DTrace
  • Determine the cause of system performance issues
  • Use system configuration tool


Introducing Performance Management

  • Introduction to Performance Management
  • Performance Analysis Concepts
  • Monitoring tools in Oracle Solaris 11
  • System Configuration Assessment

kstat Monitoring Tools

  • The kstat Monitoring Tools

procfs Monitoring Tools

  • Introduction to procfs-based tools


  • Introduction to DTrace
  • DTrace Architecture
  • DTrace Toolkit
  • DTrace Virtualization Tool

Other Significant Tools

  • The swap Utility
  • The cpustat Utility
  • The mdb Utility
  • The Solaris Studio dbx Utility

Processes and Threads

  • Operating System Theory
  • Process Concepts
  • Threads and Locking
  • Process-Related Tunable Parameters
  • CPU Scheduling Classes
  • Managing Scheduling Classes

System Caches and Buses

  • Cache Concepts
  • CMT architecture
  • System Buses
  • Assessing System Buses

System Memory

  • System Memory Concepts
  • Virtual Memory 2
  • Monitoring Memory utilization

ZFS File System

  • The ZFS File System
  • Tuning the ZFS file system

Network Performance Management

  • Network Performance Concepts
  • Oracle Solaris 11 Networking
  • Configuring networks for best performance
  • Network Resource management
  • TCP
  • Network Monitoring

Resource Management

  • Resource Management
  • Projects and Tasks
  • Resource Controls
  • Resource Pools
  • Resource Capping

Oracle Solaris Virtualization Performance Management

  • Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Oracle Solaris Zones Resource Management
  • Network Virtualization
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Applying the Performance Analysis Approach

  • Performance Testing and Benchmarks
  • Performance Testing Tools
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