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Sun Storage Archive Manager and QFS Administration 5.0

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The Sun Storage Archive Manager and Sun QFS 5.0 Administration course offers students the opportunity to learn how to use the SAM-QFS product to create file systems and archive file system data. The course includes instructor-led sessions, intermixed with hands-on exercises in a classroom environment. Students will learn the main features of Sun Storage Archive Manager and Sun QFS products, how to configure and manage archiving, how to configure and manage shared and non-shared file systems, how to recover lost file systems, and how to install and initialize Sun SAM and Sun QFS software.The hands-on labs offered in this course may involve accessing equipment that resides at a location other than where the training is delivered.Students who can benefit from this courseSystem Administrators tasked with proper implementation and support of Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM) and Sun QFS File System software release 5.0.


  • Change system run levels
  • Create and edit files using the vi or emacs utilities
  • Perform basic recovery and troubleshooting procedures
  • Install, configure, and maintain the Solaris 10 OS
  • Add and remove software packages, Add peripheral devices
  • Configure Solaris 10 OS network file system (NFS)
  • Administer disks and file systems, Backup and restore file systems


  • Describe the main features of Sun SAM and Sun QFS products
  • Customize archiving, releasing, staging, and recycling behavior
  • Configure shared and non-shared file systems
  • Implement data protection and recovery procedures
  • Use command-line programs to administer SAM-QFS installations
  • Use the SAM-QFS Manager to administer SAM-QFS installations
  • Install and configure Sun SAM and Sun QFS software


Introduction to Sun Storage Archive Manager and Sun QFS

  • List the main features of the Sun Storage Archive Manager product
  • List the main features of the Sun QFS file system
  • Describe the main components of the Sun SAM and Sun QFS software distributions
  • Describe the high-level steps in the Sun SAM installation process
  • Describe the Sun SAM .inodes file
  • Identify key capabilities of the SAM-QFS Manager interface

Configuring the Archiver

  • Describe archive set concepts and features
  • Describe the archive planning process
  • Describe archive process features
  • Describe archive file status flags and attributes
  • Describe archive cycle events including scanning, composing, scheduling, and archiving
  • Describe the archiver.cmd file structure
  • Configure archiver.cmd file directives
  • Use the sfind command to interrogate file systems

Configuring the Releaser and Stager

  • Describe releasing, staging, and recycling planning
  • Describe the releasing process
  • Customize releasing behavior using the CLI
  • Describe the staging process
  • Customize staging behavior using the CLI

Configuring the Recycler

  • Describe the recycling process
  • Recognize default recycler behavior
  • Identify the differences between archiver-based recycling and library-based recycling
  • Understand the basic details of the recycler.log
  • Customize recycling behavior using the CLI

Configuring Sun QFS File Systems

  • Describe Sun QFS file system configurations
  • Describe Sun QFS software performance components
  • Size Disk Allocation Units (DAUs) for performance
  • Optimize metadata performance and availability
  • Describe Sun QFS shared file system features
  • Describe shared file system administration operations
  • Configure a Sun QFS shared file system using the CLI

Data Protection and Recovery

  • Describe data protection guidelines
  • Describe metadata backup guidelines
  • Perform metadata dumps using the CLI
  • Automate metadata backups using SAM-QFS Manager
  • Restore files using the samfsrestore command
  • Restore files using SAM-QFS Manager
  • Restore files using the request command
  • Grow file systems

Installing and Initializing Sun SAM Software

  • Install Sun SAM software
  • Enable Sun SAM error logging and tracing
  • Create an mcf file
  • Configure the samfs.cmd file
  • Update the /etc/vfstab file
  • Configure the SAM-QFS Manager software
  • Initialize Sun SAM file system using SAM-QFS Manager
  • Add a direct-attached tape library using SAM-QFS Manager
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