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Oracle Linux Advanced System Administration

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  • délka kurzu: 3 dny
  • cena: 34500 CZK
  • kategorie: Linux

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  • Data Center Manager
  • Support Engineer
  • System Administrator


  • Ability to install Linux and perform basic system configuration, use UNIX/Linux commands from the command line, and use the vi editor.


  • Create and use Btrfs file systems
  • Configure resource management using Control Groups (cgroups)
  • Configure operating system-level virtualization with Linux Containers (LXC)
  • Configure iSCSI shared storage
  • Configure Device Mapper Multipathing
  • Create Udev rules for persistent device naming
  • Configure a shared disk cluster file system using Oracle Cluster File System Version 2 (OCFS2)
  • Use a range of performance monitoring utilities
  • Collect and analyze core dumps
  • Explore your system using Dynamic Tracing (DTrace)


Course Introduction

  • Virtualization with Oracle VM Server
  • Starting, Stopping, and Listing Guests
  • Connecting to Guests
  • Classroom System Configuration

Implementing the Btrfs File System

  • Introduction to Btrfs
  • Creating a Btrfs File System
  • The btrfs Utility
  • Btrfs Subvolmes and Snapshots
  • Taking a Snapshot of a File
  • Mounting a Btrfs Subvolume
  • Converting Ext File Systems to Btrfs
  • Create a Btrfs root file system using the UEK Boot ISO

Managing Resources with Control Groups (cgroups)

  • Introduction to Cgroups
  • Cgroup Subsystems and Subsystem Parameters
  • Cgroup Hierarchical Model
  • Cgroup Configuration Rules and Constrants
  • Using Cgroup Command Line Utilities
  • Assigning Processes to Cgroups
  • Configuring Cgroup Rules
  • Enabling PAM to Use Cgroup Rules

Virtualizing with Linux Containers

  • Introduction to Linux Containers
  • Linux Container Configuration File
  • Required Linux Container Software Packages
  • Linux Container Template Scripts
  • Starting and Stopping a Linux Container
  • Using the lxc Utilities
  • Creating a Linux Container from an existing root file system

Advanced Storage Administration

  • Introduction to iSCSI
  • Configuring iSCSI Target and iSCSI Initiator
  • Introduction to Device Mapper Multipathing (DM-Multipath)
  • The DM-Multipath Configuration File
  • Multipath Device Identifiers
  • Configuring iSCSI Multipathing
  • Introduction to Udev
  • Using the udevadm Utility

Clustering with the Oracle Cluster File System Version 2 (OCFS2)

  • Introduction to OCFS2
  • OCFS2 Features
  • Preparing for an OCFS2 Implementation
  • Configuring the Cluster Layout
  • OCFS2 Heartbeat Modes
  • Cluster Timout Settings
  • Using the OCFS2 Utilities
  • OCFS2 Tuning and Debugging

Performance Diagnostics

  • Using Rescue Mode to Correct Boot Problems
  • Frequently Encountered Performance Problems
  • Performance Tuning Kernel Parameters
  • System Resource Reporting Utilities
  • OS Watcher Black Box
  • OS Watcher Black Box Analyzer
  • Using the latencytop utility
  • Using the strace utility

Core Dump Analysis

  • System Core Collection
  • The kdump Configuration File
  • Kernel Parameters
  • Magic SysRq Keys
  • The kernel-debuginfo Software Packages
  • Using the crash Utility
  • General Guidelines for Using the crash Utility

Dynamic Tracking with DTrace

  • Introduction to DTrace on Oracle Linux
  • Why DTrace on Oracle Linux
  • Enabling DTrace on Oracle Linux
  • DTrace Providers and Probes
  • The D Programming Language
  • Enabling DTrace Actions
  • Built-in D Variables and Functions
  • D scripts
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