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Java SE 7 New Features

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This Java SE 7 New Features training delves into the major changes and enhancement in the Oracle Java SE 7 release. It's designed for Java professionals who are already proficient with developing Java programs by using Java SE 6 or earlier Java SE platforms.Learn To:Describe the language enhancements in Java SE 7.Understand the core platform technology enhancements.Describe the new APIs for the I/O and network enhancements.Implement the enhancements in network and file system access (JSR 203).Enable concurrency and collections enhancements in your code (JSR 166Y).Benefits to YouBy enrolling in this course, you'll get the chance to work with expert Oracle University instructors and delve into the new features and enhancements in the Java SE 7 platform. You'll also learn to use it to develop Java applications. By enhancing your skill set and pushing yourself to learn new things, you'll make yourself a more marketable candidate in a competitive job market.Explore Additional Java SE 7 FeaturesJava SE 7 has a greater level of maturity, quality, stability, compatibility, scalability and security of Java implementation. Java SE 6 has many new features, enhancements and improvements, including the NIO.2, better GUI performance and better handling of the behavior of GUI applications.


  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • Java Developer


  • Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language, Java SE 6


  • Implement the small language enhancements in your code (JSR 334)
  • Implement the dynamic language support (JSR 292)


Overview of JDK7 Platform

  • JDK 7 Platform: OS Support
  • JDK 7 Platform: Browser Support
  • Overview of the new featues

Language Enhancements

  • Strings in Switch
  • The try-with-resources Statement
  • Type inference for generic instance creation
  • Implemeting binary literals
  • Catching multiple exception types and rethrowing exceptions with improved type checking
  • Improved varargs method invocations

Core Technologies Enhancements

  • Support for dynamically-typed languages
  • Enhancements in the class-loader architecture
  • Enhancement in the swing package
  • Optimized Java2D rendering
  • Enhancement in the XML stack
  • Collections framework enhancements
  • Concurrency utilities enhancements
  • Support for JDBC 4.1 and RowSet 1.1

I/O and Network Enhancements

  • New APIs for file system access
  • The java.nio.file package
  • Describe Stream Control Transmission Protocol
  • Describe Sockets Direct Protocol
  • Use the Windows Vista IPv6 stack
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