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Developing Web Applications using JSF Technologies

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  • Application Developers
  • Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Java EE Developer


  • Have a good understanding of the Java Programming Language
  • Understand the fundamentals of web applications and HTTP protocol


  • Configure JSF within the Web Container
  • Design views using JSF and EL
  • Design custom components using Facelets
  • Design and develop the model using JavaBeans or Pojos
  • Integrate external resources such as JPA within Web Application
  • Integrate navigation flow/ redirection
  • Design web applications using standard architectures, protocols, technologies and components
  • Integrate models and views using events
  • Validate application data
  • Application data conversion
  • Identify, Capture, and Resolve Errors
  • Test, package and deploy applications
  • Implement templates
  • Use Ajax with JSF


Getting Started with JavaServer Faces

  • List common requirements for web applications
  • Describe the JSF Web Application framework
  • Describe the architecture of the JSF Web Applications
  • Describe the development view of a JSF Application
  • Walk through a simple JSF web application
  • Review the lifecycle of a JSF application
  • Create and deploy a simple JSF web application

Designing JSF Pages Using Facelets

  • Describe the hierarchy of UI components
  • Evaluate the structure of JSF pages
  • List the tag libraries supported in Facelets
  • Describe the JSF Core Tag Library
  • Describe the HTML RenderKit Tag Library
  • List common attributes of the HTML tags
  • Use common UI components to design Facelets pages

Developing Managed Beans

  • Use JSR-299: Context and Dependency Injection (CDI) annotation
  • Declare managed beans using annotations
  • Bind UI Components with Managed Beans
  • Use managed bean scopes, including Flash
  • Use the Unified Expression Language (EL)
  • Use the faces-config.xml Configuration File
  • Configure beans in the faces-config.xml file

Working with Navigation

  • Use static and dynamic navigation
  • Define implicit navigation in JSF pages
  • Configure navigation rules and cases
  • Describe the navigation evaluation process
  • Create a bookmarkable view

Creating Message Bundles

  • Create a message bundle for multiple languages
  • Use a message bundle
  • Localize an application

Using JSF Templates

  • Use the JSF Facelets Tag Library
  • Create a template and apply it to multiple pages
  • Describe how to use a decorator
  • Use the debugging feature built into JSF

Converting and Validating Data

  • Describe the data conversion and validation process
  • Use standard data converters and validators
  • Configure default validators
  • Develop and use custom converters and validators
  • Work with data conversion and validation error messages
  • Use Bean Validation (JSR-303)

Working with Data Tables

  • Use a Data Table component
  • Use column headers, footers and captions
  • Apply styles to Data Table elements
  • Customize a data table with a scroll bar
  • Enhance a data table with a sort table class

Handling Events

  • Describe the JSF Event Model
  • Use action and value Change Events
  • Register event listeners
  • Describe JSF lifecycle events
  • List the Event model enhancements in JSF 2.0

Developing Composite Component and Using Ajax

  • Describe the concept of composite UI components
  • List the elements of a composite component
  • Design and implement a composite component
  • Attach validators to a composite component
  • Use the Facelets AJAX tag to perform field validation

Configuring and Deploying JSF Applications

  • Describe JSF Web application stages
  • Configure the state maintenance method
  • Describe the application configuration loading process
  • Install and upgrade JSF implementation for a web container
  • Deploy JSF web applications to the web container
  • Configure security for JSF Web Applications
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