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Developing JavaServer Faces Components with Ajax

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Developing JavaServer Faces Components with Ajax provides you with the skills necessary to build custom web tier components for the JavaServer Faces (JSF) framework that leverage Ajax techniques. The JSF framework is an extensible set of user interface components with an application programming interface (API) for dynamically managing application state, event handling, input validation, page navigation, as well as support for internationalization and accessibility. Ajax is an emerging web application development technique that leverages client-side JavaScript to provide a richer and more responsive user experience than can be achieved by server-side logic alone. The focus of this course is to show how you can incorporate Ajax technology in reusable JSF components using design techniques that complement both technologies. Students that can benefit from this course: Java developers who create reusable web components (such as JSP custom tags) for the assembly and generation of dynamic web content.

Vstupní předpoklady:

  • Write Java Web Applications using Java web-tier technologies
  • Design Java applications which integrate existing Java code
  • Functionally describe the benefits of an n-tier architecture
  • Functionally describe the benefits of the Model-View-Control

Co se u nás naučíte:

  • Develop a web application using Ajax techniques
  • Develop a JSF web application
  • Create a custom JSF component that can be reused in any JSF web application
  • Create a custom JSF component that provides Ajax functionality


(JSF)Introducting JavaServer Faces (JSF)

JSF Input Components

  • Bind fields in a web page to values in the backing bean using JSF Expression Language (EL)
  • Describe the use of the JSF DataTable tag and facets
  • Build a multi-page JSF technology application
  • Create dynamic menu choices from data in your database

Building Custom JSF Components

  • Explain the role of JSF Components
  • List the steps in the JSF Life-Cycle
  • Describe relationship between tag handlers, custom UI components, renderers and render kits
  • Describe the structure of a JSF Component
  • Describe how variables are passed from JSF tags to JSF Components
  • Develop a JSF Component

Implementing Ajax Technology

  • Define Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax)
  • Use JavaScript with the Document Object Model (DOM) to build a simple web application
  • Describe the XmlHttpRequest object and describe how it is used to refresh the web page display with data from servers without causing the whole web page to refresh

Ajax-Enabled JSF Components

  • List models for handling asynchronous requests
  • Contrast strategies for handling asynchronous requests within the JSF life cycle
  • Develop a JSF component that handles Ajax events
  • Create a JSF application that uses Ajax techiques to pull data from the server asynchronously and process the data on the client side

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