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Sun Java CAPS 6.X Administration

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For business integration, Sun provides the Sun Java[tm] Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS) - the most complete, integrated software suite to develop, deploy, and manage a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and composite applications to rapidly deliver new business capabilities and drive business growth. This course emphasizes hands-on lab work to present the features, functionality, vocabulary and concepts of Java CAPS 6.x for those new to Java CAPS. Students who can benefit from this course:* Administrators new to Java CAPS who are tasked with: installing Java CAPS 6; deploying Java CAPS 6 repository-based projects; deploying Java CAPS 6 JBI-based projects; and managing and monitoring Java CAPS 6 applications


  • install Java CAPS 6 deploy projects to GlassFish Application Server use a variety of tools to monitor and manage deployed projects


Overview of Java CAPS 6

  • Java CAPS Suite Overview
  • Java Business Integration
  • The NetBeans IDE
  • GlassFish Application Server
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Business Process Management

Installation of Java CAPS 6

  • Installing Java CAPS 6
  • CAPS Repository Install Actions
  • Using the Java CAPS Uploader
  • Updating the Enterprise Manager
  • Updating NetBeans
  • Adding JBI Components to GlassFish

Repository-based Development

  • Overview of Repository-Based Development
  • Java Collaborations
  • Object Type Definitions
  • JMS Topics and Queues
  • eWays
  • The Connectivity Map
  • The Java CAPS Environment
  • The Java CAPS Deployment Profile

Repository Deployment

  • Project Creation Roadmap
  • The Environment
  • Logical Hosts and Environments
  • The Logical Host
  • External Systems
  • Starting the Application Server
  • Building and Deploying Applications

Repository Deployment Management

  • Commandline Codegen
  • The Enterprise Manager
  • Managing Applications
  • Viewing Alerts
  • Managing Messages
  • Managing Components
  • Using em-cmdline-client
  • Importing and Exporting Projects

Log File Management

  • GlassFish Log Files
  • Viewing and Searching Log Files
  • Common problems
  • Common error messages
  • Configuring Runtime Logging
  • Managing Log File Rotation
  • Configuring Application Loggers

User Management Repository

  • Repository Users
  • Repository Version Control
  • Access Control Lists
  • Enterprise Manager User Roles
  • Configuring Application Server Security
  • Realms
  • Configuring Security Settings
  • Managing Password Security

Introduction to JBI

  • JBI Overview
  • Deployment to JBI
  • JBI in GlassFish
  • The Java EE Service Engine
  • The JBI Bridge
  • JBI Administration

Business Processes in Java CAPS 6

  • Describing a message with XSD
  • Web Services Definition Language
  • Abstract and Concrete WSDL
  • Business Processes and BPEL
  • The Composite Application
  • Adding a JBI Module
  • The CASA Editor
  • Building and deploying a Composite Application

Adapters in Java CAPS 6

  • J2EE Overview
  • J2EE Connector Architecture
  • Connection Pooling
  • Resource Adapter Deployment
  • JCA Adapters in Java CAPS 6
  • Using OTDs with JCA Adapters

Management and Monitoring Tools

  • JBI Components
  • Java Message eXtensions (JMX)
  • Using the Management API
  • asadmin and asant
  • NetBeans Admin Plug-ins
  • The GlassFish Admin Console
  • Deploying Applications and Service Assemblies
  • Managing Service Assemblies, Binding Components and Service Engines

Managing Patches

  • Types of Patches
  • Patch Distribution
  • Patch Management Tools
  • Installing Patches
  • Verifying Patch Installation
  • Uninstalling a Patch

Application Configuration

  • Repository-Based Configuration Model
  • Externalization in LDAP
  • Environment Objects
  • Creating and Maintaining Environment Objects
  • JBI Configuration Model
  • Application Variables
  • Application Configuration Objects
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