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Školení: DB-11g-XML

Oracle 11g: XML Fundamentals

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In this course students learn the basics of XML. Students learn to create an XML document, and format XML documents using XML Stylesheet Language for transformations (XSL). Students learn about XML Namespaces, and document type definitions. This course covers the components of an XML Schema, creating an XML Schema document, and validates XML documents using XML Schema. The course discusses XPath expressions and how to use XPath expressions in XSL to select parts of an XML document to be transformed. In addition, students are introduced to the support for XML offered in various Oracle products, such as, the Oracle XML DB, Oracle XML Developer’s Kit, and Oracle JDeveloper. Students become familiar with the terminology of XQuery, its data model and type system, and various expressions and functions. Additionally Students learn how to use XML editor in Oracle JDeveloper.Learn To: Create well-formed and valid XML documentsUse XML Namespaces in an XML documentCreate and use an XML Schema documentValidate XML documents by using standard XML techniquesUse XPath expressions and functionsTransform XML documents by using stylesheets and XPath expressions


  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Database Administrators
  • Forms Developer
  • System Analysts


  • Basic experience with writing HTML documents
  • Knowledge of SQL
  • Familiarity with SQL*Plus


  • Describe XML Path Language (XPath)
  • Define XML and the standards covered in the course
  • Use JDeveloper to create, open and edit an XML document
  • Describe the structure of an XML document
  • Create a well-formed XML document
  • Describe a DTD
  • Read and write a DTD
  • Validate XML documents by using an internal DTD, an external DTD, or their combination
  • Use XML Namespaces in an XML document
  • Create an XML Schema document
  • Validate XML documents
  • Use XPath expressions and functions
  • Describe XSL and XSL Transformations (XSLT)
  • Transform an XML document using XSLT
  • List the XML features in the database
  • Explain the architecture of the database XML components


Introducing XML Terminology

  • Extensible Markup Language
  • XML Standards
  • Document Object Model
  • Simple API for XML
  • Building XML Applications with Oracle Technology
  • XML in Service Oriented Architecture
  • Creating an Application and Project in JDeveloper

Introducing the XML Document

  • Extensible Markup Language
  • Example: A Simple XML Document
  • XML Document Structure
  • The XML Declaration
  • Components of an XML Document
  • A Well-Formed XML Document
  • Comparing XML and HTML
  • Creating XML Document in JDeveloper

Validating XML with a Document Type Definitions (DTDs)

  • Understanding the Document Type Definition
  • General DTD Rules
  • The Contents of a DTD
  • Example of a Simple DTD Declaration
  • Referencing the DTD
  • Element Declarations
  • Attribute Declarations
  • Entities in XML

Modularizing XML with Namespaces

  • What Is an XML Namespace?
  • Why Use XML Namespaces?
  • Declaring XML Namespaces
  • XML Namespace prefixes
  • Example of XML Namespace Declarations
  • Scope of XML Namespace Declarations
  • Invoking the ShowXmlNS Tool

Validating XML by Using XML Schema

  • What is an XML Schema?
  • The Benefits of XML Schemas
  • XML Schema Versus DTD
  • An Example XML Schema Document
  • Validating an XML Document with an XML Schema Document
  • Referencing an XML Schema with the schemaLocation Attribute
  • Components of an XML Schema
  • Creating an XML Schema Document in JDeveloper

Navigating XML Documents by Using XPath

  • Defining XML Path Language
  • The XPath Model
  • XPath Expressions
  • The Location Path Expression
  • XPath Axes
  • Operators in XPath Expressions
  • XPath Functions
  • Testing XPath Expressions

Transforming XML by Using XSL Transformations

  • Defining XSL
  • XSL Transformations
  • The XSLT Stylesheet
  • Using an XSLT Stylesheet with an XML Document
  • Creating an XSL File in JDeveloper
  • Creating Template Rules
  • Template Rules and Priorities
  • Specifying Output Formats

Introducing Oracle XML DB (XML DB)

  • Defining Oracle XML DB
  • Using XML DB
  • Oracle XML DB Features
  • Understanding the XMLType
  • XML Schema Support in Oracle Database 11g
  • Overview of XML DB Repository
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