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Sun Identity Manager 8.x: Administration and Maintenance

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When a Sun(TM) Identity Manager deployment solution is completed, and all the consultants on the project leave, the customer Identity Manager engineer, or systems administrator, is typically responsible for managing and supporting the already deployed Identity Manager solution. The Sun Identity Manager 8.x: Administration and Maintenance course provides students with the technical knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform administration and maintenance tasks needed to manage and support an existing Identity Manager solution for a given customer environment. This course covers concepts and tasks such as managing users, configuring resources, debugging common problems, and making simple business process changes to the existing Identity Manager forms and rules to accommodate change requests.Students are introduced to Identity Manager concepts as well as administrative and maintenance tasks through a series of lectures and labs designed around the core responsibilities that a systems administrator would perform on an identity management solution using Identity Manager.Students who can benefit from this course:Identity management engineers or systems administrators and other technical personnel responsible for the administration and maintenance of an identity management solution using Sun Identity Manager


  • Security Administrators
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Consultant


  • Be familiar with the Sun Identity Management Suite and the integrated solutions provided by the Identity Management Suite products
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of networking
  • Describe functional uses of terms such as routers, firewalls, DMZ, load balancers, and other networking hardware
  • Perform basic operating system administration tasks
  • Be familiar with terminology such as Internet, browser, Intranet, central processing unit (CPU), storage, protocol, internet protocol (IP) address
  • Be familiar with terminology such as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Domain Name Server (DNS), and proxy


  • Analyze an existing Identity Manager deployment solution
  • Perform day-to-day user account management
  • Perform the administrative-level tasks necessary to successfully upgrade an Identity Manager 7.x deployment to Identity Manager 8.x
  • Configure the different policies within Identity Manager
  • Manage administrators and set up delegated administration
  • Manage the resource adapter configurations
  • Manage simple changes to existing workflow
  • Configure the Data Exporter
  • Diagnose common Identity Manager problems


Analyzing an Existing Identity Management Deployment

  • Define identity management and describe how Identity Manager solves common identity management issues
  • Describe the features of Identity Manager
  • Describe the Identity Manager architecture
  • Describe a typical Identity Manager implementation
  • Describe a sample case study and deployment solution
  • Install Identity Manager (Lab)
  • Examine a Clean Installation of Identity Manager (Lab)
  • Examine a Deployed Identity Manager installation (Lab)

Performing User Account and Role Management, Organizational Changes, and Reporting

  • Describe Identity Manager objects used to manage user accounts
  • Configure reports for achieving regulatory compliance
  • Modify an existing user (Lab)
  • Create users (Lab)
  • Move and delete users (Lab)
  • Modify the organizational structure (Lab)
  • Create roles and assign these roles to users (Lab)
  • Run user-specific reports (Lab)

Upgrading Identity Manager

  • Describe the new features in Identity Manager 8.x
  • Describe the process and procedure for upgrading Identity Manager
  • Use Identity Manager assessment tools to prepare for an upgrade
  • Prepare for the Identity Manager upgrade (Lab)
  • Upgrade the MySQL database (Lab)
  • Upgrade Identity Manager (Lab)
  • Install a Sun Identity Manager patch (Lab)
  • Verify the upgrade (Lab)

Examining and Managing Password Policies and Pass-through Authentication

  • Describe password management within Identity Manager
  • Describe Identity Manager account and password policies
  • Use pass-through authentication
  • Examine the current authentication model (Lab)
  • Configure an Account policy for Identity Manager (Lab)
  • Configure a resource-specific password policy (Lab)
  • Run password related reports (Lab)

Examining and Modifying a Delegated Administration Environment

  • Describe the Identity Manager delegated administration model
  • Describe the use of organizations to control administration scope
  • Use administrative capabilities to assign rights to users
  • Use forms to control administrator visibility to attributes
  • Describe how to use Admin Roles to provide granularity of administration
  • Describe the use of approvals within delegated administration
  • Examine the current delegated administration model (Lab)
  • Modify the current delegated administration model (Lab)

Managing Identity Manager Resources

  • Describe how to configure an Identity Manager resource and connector
  • Describe the identity seeding process, tools for loading resource accounts into Identity Manager, reconciliation situations and responses
  • Describe the steps to configure an ActiveSync resource adapter
  • Connect to and modify an Identity Manager Resource (Lab)
  • Migrate users to an actual (not simulated) Solaris resource (Lab)
  • Add another LDAP resource (Lab)
  • Run reconciliation (Lab)
  • Examine ActiveSync (Lab)

Describing and Analyzing Workflow in Identity Manager

  • Describe workflow in Identity Manager
  • Analyze workflow processing
  • Use the NetBeans IDE with the Identity Manager Plugin (Lab)
  • Analyze workflow processing (Lab)

Configuring the Data Exporter

  • Describe the Data Exporter functionality and architecture
  • Describe possible database configuration options for the environment
  • Configure Data Exporter (Lab)
  • Schedule data dumps for Data Exporter (Lab)

Diagnosing Problems in Identity Manager

  • Describe a methodology for troubleshooting Identity Manager
  • Describe the basic troubleshooting tools used to diagnose an Identity Manager problem
  • Describe Identity Manager debugging
  • Attach NetBeans IDE to a running instance of Identity Manager (Lab)
  • Turn on Workflow Tracing (Lab)
  • Trace Identity Manager Java(TM) code (Lab)
  • Debug common failures with an Identity Manager Installation (Lab)
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