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IBM WebSphere MQ V7 Application Development (Windows Labs)

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  • délka kurzu: 3 dny
  • cena: 35400 CZK
  • kategorie: IBM/websphere

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This 3-day instructor-led intermediate course teaches technical professionals how to design and write business programs using WebSphere MQ.

In this course, students learn how to issue calls that utilize the WebSphere MQ API (MQI), and how to code and use calls to perform various functions, such as opening and closing queues and putting messages on or retrieving messages from a queue. Students also learn other important topics such as controlling message retrieval, writing programs that change queue attributes, handling MQI security, and managing message channels.

Hands-on lab exercises give students the opportunity to practice coding WebSphere MQ calls in either COBOL or C using WebSphere MQ V7. Students may elect to perform lab exercises under Windows, AIX, or z/OS.

This course can also help students prepare for certification as a WebSphere MQ solutions designer.

Students who would like to learn how to design and develop WebSphere MQ V7 publish/subscribe applications should take WebSphere MQ V7 Publish/Subscribe Implementation (WM510) or (VM510).

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You should:

You should also have experience with designing business application programs and developing application programs in one of the procedural programming languages supported by WebSphere MQ.

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This is an intermediate course designed for experienced business application programmers who need to develop applications that use the messaging and queuing techniques supported by the WebSphere MQ API (MQI).

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