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Business Activity Monitoring with IBM Business Monitor V7.5

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In this 1-day instructor-led course, students learn how to design and monitor business measures using IBM Business Monitor while also learning business process management (BPM) techniques and skills.

IBM Business Monitor is a business activity monitoring (BAM) product that supports BPM by measuring business performance, monitoring both in-flight and completed processes, and reporting on business transactions. Business organizations can use the information provided by IBM Business Monitor to identify business problems, correct exceptions, and improve processes and efficiency.

This course includes topics of interest to students who want to design business measures using IBM Business Monitor. Students interested in learning how to develop applications with IBM Business Monitor should take Developing Applications with IBM Business Monitor V7.5 (WB797) or (VB797). Students interested in learning how to administer IBM Business Monitor should take Administering IBM Business Monitor V7.5 (WB798) or (VB798).

In this course, students learn how IBM Business Monitor is used to collect real-time enterprise event data. The course begins with an overview of IBM Business Monitor and how it supports BAM and BPM. Students learn about various types of models, performance indicators, triggers, and alerts that are used to establish performance metrics, monitor events, and manage action services. Students also learn how to launch the IBM Business Monitor business space dashboard, and how to create widgets to monitor business event information.

The hands-on exercises in this course enable students to navigate the IBM Business Monitor environment. Students also learn how to build customized business space dashboards to monitor and analyze business and performance events.

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Students should have a fundamental understanding of service-oriented architecture and related WebSphere products, which can be gained either through experience or by successfully completing the following courses:

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This course is designed for implementation consultants and technical business analysts.

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