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Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

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  • délka kurzu: 1 den
  • cena: 11800 CZK
  • kategorie: IBM/SOA, cloud

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This 1-day, instructor-led course is designed to teach students the basic concepts and terminology of cloud computing.

After establishing the definition of cloud computing, this course describes the various service delivery models of a cloud computing architecture, and the ways in which clouds can be deployed as public, private, hybrid, and community clouds. Students also learn about the security challenges that cloud deployments experience, and how these are addressed. The course also describes IBM cloud computing architecture and offerings, the IBM WebSphere CloudBurst appliance, and the IBM WebSphere Hypervisor edition software product.

A number of self-running and hands-on demonstrations in simulation mode enable students to experience how to sign onto and use cloud-based instances. The hands-on demonstrations include applying for a contract to use the IBM Smart Business Development and Test Cloud. signing onto the IBM Smart Business Development and Test Cloud, and creating an instance of the cloud and connecting to it. Other self-running demonstrations focus on getting started with cloud computing using the IBM WebSphere CloudBurst appliance. In the final exercise, students complete a crossword puzzle on what they have learned.

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Students should be familiar with enterprise application architecture, distributed computing paradigms, and browser-based access.

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