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IBM FileNet IS Advanced System Administration

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Have you ever been called because the network is slow and not known what to do? Most of those calls are not network related. Come to this class and find out how to tell if it really is the network.

Have you ever noticed your system getting slower and slower? Take this class and learn how an incorrectly configured system can impact performance.

Have you ever had your system go down and production stop? This is a system administrator's worst nightmare. Come to this class and find out how to use a powerful tool called 911 to identify the possible sources of trouble.

Have you ever needed to consolidate optical disks and wondered the best way to do it? Have you wondered when it's time to consolidate? Do you need to run online backups? Protect your data without shutting the system down?

Would you like to know more about how Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) works with Image Services (IS)? This class teaches you how to deal with all of these issues.

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This is an advanced course for experienced system administrators who manage FileNet IS software in a UNIX or Windows server environment.

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This instructor-led course is ideal for those IS system administration individuals who have searched for easier methods to identify and resolve problems.


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