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IBM Cognos TM1: Essentials for IBM Cognos TM1 (V9.5)

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  • délka kurzu: 5 dnů
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Essentials for IBM Cognos TM1 (V9.5) is a five-day, instructor-led course that teaches modelers basic techniques for building a TM1 model, and how to support the model by creating reports, templates and applications. Through hands-on workshops, you will first use an existing model to create subsets, filters, and views that let you easily analyze data relevant to you, create and format reports and templates, and make TM1 data available on the Web. Next, you will build and populate a TM1 model by creating dimensions, cubes, and rules, and loading data into it. You will also create, deploy and use managed planning applications that enable users to contribute to plans and forecasts on the Web using controlled workflow.

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This basic course is for Modelers who, in addition to building models, need to create reports, templates, and applications for themselves and others

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You should have:


A1: Examine TM1 Components

A2: Browse Data in a Cube

A3: Focus Your Analysis using Subsets

A4: Contribute Data

A5: Work with Spreadsheets

A6: Create Dynamic Reports with Active Forms

A7: Organize and Distribute Results

D1: Configure a TM1 server

D2: Create Dimensions

D3: Build Cubes and Views

D4: Load and Maintain Data

D5: Add Business Rules

D6: Optimize Rule Performance

D7: Transfer Data into Your Model Using Scripts

D12: Introduction to Managed Planning Applications

D13: Contribute Data to Managed Planning Applications

D14: Create and Deploy Planning Applications to the Web

DB: Integrate with IBM Cognos 8 BI

DE: Identify Common Data Structures

Optional Modules

The following modules are not intended to be taught in class, but may be covered if time permits. You can access eLabs for 30 days after the course is complete to work on any module. This lets you work with the configured products and student data by remotely accessing images using just a Web browser. While your time on eLabs is independent and not supported by an instructor, we encourage you to visit the TM1 forum on the Learner Portal to post and answer questions and learn more about TM1 from other participants.

A8: Analyze Data in TM1 Web

A9: Edit Subsets in TM1 Web

AA: Enhance Report Presentation

D8: Customize Drill Paths

D9: Using Rules for Advanced Modeling

D10: Convert Currencies

D11: Model for Different Fiscal Requirements

DA: Define Workflow

DC: Design for Reporting

DD: Optimize and Tune TM1 Models

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