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Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x Advanced Administration Ed 3

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The "Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 Advanced Administration" training is ideal for system administrators, database administrators and support personnel who already have experience installing and configuring basic applications for Oracle Solaris Cluster. Develop advanced configuration, and maintenance skills and procedures for Oracle Solaris Cluster.Learn To:Upgrade the Oracle Solaris Cluster software.Make custom applications highly available.Perform recovery and maintenance procedures.Explore Oracle Solaris Cluster use cases.Implement disaster recovery using Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition.Benefits To YouAs a system administrator, you'll be exposed to new technology, which includes managing multiple protection groups by implementing the concepts of site and multiple groups using the Geographic Edition software in a disaster recovery scenario. In addition, you'll develop the skills to use Oracle Solaris Cluster in Oracle SuperCluster engineered system to provide high-availability solution for various optimized solutions. Course StructureThe course begins with upgrade procedures, followed by custom data service configurations. This includes recovery and maintenance tasks, such as adding and deleting nodes. In addition, you'll explore the role of Geographic Edition for disaster recovery through studying several use cases.Participate in Hands-On ExercisesYou will also engage in hands-on lab exercises to reinforce your learning. These exercises will walk you through critical tasks associated with performing Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.x advanced administration.


  • Database Administrators
  • Support Engineer
  • System Administrator


  • Experience Installing/upgrading and configuring Oracle Solaris Cluster software
  • Experience Demonstrating knowledge and experience in Oracle Solaris 11 operating system administration and maintenance
  • Experience configuring supported failover and scalable applications in the Oracle Solaris Cluster
  • Experience performing basic network administration


  • Upgrade the Oracle Solaris Cluster software
  • Make custom applications highly available
  • Perform recovery and maintenance procedures
  • Explore Oracle Solaris Cluster use cases
  • Implement disaster recovery using Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition


Introduction to the course

  • Overview
  • Course Goals
  • Course Agenda
  • Introductions
  • Your Learning Center
  • Your Lab Environment

Upgrading the Oracle Solaris Cluster Software

  • Preparing to Upgrade Oracle Solaris Cluster Software
  • Upgrading the Cluster Software
  • Completing the Cluster Upgrade
  • Recovering from an Incomplete Upgrade

Making Custom Applications Highly Available

  • Describing the Oracle Solaris Cluster Data Services
  • Describing the role of RGM in configuring data services
  • Controlling RGM Behavior
  • Changing the Properties of the RGM Resources
  • Implementing Multimaster and Scalable Applications
  • Explaining the Interfaces and Tools for Coding Data Services

Performing Recovery and Maintenance Procedures

  • Adding a New Node to a Running Cluster
  • Adding a Node to a Zone Cluster
  • Removing a Node From an Existing Cluster
  • Removing a Node From a Zone Cluster
  • Replacing a Failed Node in a Cluster
  • Uninstalling the Oracle Solaris Cluster Software From a Node
  • Replacing Failed Disks

Exploring the Oracle Solaris Cluster Use Cases

  • Configuring Oracle WebLogic Server as a Multi-Master Resource
  • Configuring MySQL Server as a Failover Resource
  • Configuring Oracle GoldenGate as a Failover Resource for MySQL Server
  • Providing High Availability (HA) for Enterprise Applications using Oracle SuperCluster

Implementing Disaster Recovery by Using Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition

  • Describing the role of the Geographic Edition software in disaster tolerance
  • Explaining the Key Concepts of the Geographic Edition Software
  • Describing the Architecture of the Geographic Edition Software
  • Installing the Geographic Edition Software
  • Configuring the Geographic Edition Software
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