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Administering Lustre Based Clusters

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The Administering Lustre Based Clusters course is intended for system administrators, architects, and integrators who are interested in deploying Lustre installations and/or performing configuration management. This 5-day class covers installation, best practices, and demonstrations focused on deployment of services and project management procedures. All aspects of configuration, from very simple test clusters to very complex installations featuring failover and multiple networks, will be reviewed.Students who can benefit from this courseSystem Administrators, Architects, and Integrators.


  • To succeed fully in this course, students should have familiarity with Linux.


  • Describe the Lustre environment
  • Understand and illustrate the Lustre cluster architecture
  • Perform installation and initial configuration activities
  • Troubleshoot and resolve typical operational issues
  • Explain and perform advanced profiling activities


Introduction to Lustre

  • Describe Lustre
  • Understand Lustre architecture
  • List the Lustre features
  • Describe Lustre software modules
  • Describe Lustre networking

Architecting Lustre Clusters

  • List Lustre requirements
  • Describe server hardware
  • Describe Lustre node count and size
  • Describe Lustre networking
  • Describe storage and throughput

Lustre Configuration

  • Describe Lustre releases
  • Describe required download information
  • Describe Patchless Client information
  • Install Lustre software
  • Describe Lustre configuration principles

Building Lustre Cluster

  • Describe Lustre with combined MGS/MDT node
  • Describe Lustre with separate MGS and MDT nodes
  • Describe multi-homed servers
  • Understand Luster networking
  • Describe basic Lustre configurations
  • Describe Lustre recovery
  • Describe OST and MDS failover
  • Configure MDS and OSTs for failover

The Lustre Client

  • Describe POSIX compliance
  • Describe locking
  • Describe Lustre and quotas
  • Describe Lustre and ACLs

Backup and Restore of Lustre

  • Backup Lustre file systems
  • Restoring Lustre file systems from backup
  • Create LVM snapshots on a Lustre file system

Advanced LNET

  • Describe Network bonding
  • Describe using Lustre with bonding
  • Set up bonding
  • Configure Lustre with bonding
  • Describe Multi-rail networks
  • Describe LNET routing

Lustre High Availability

  • High availability discussion
  • Describe array cache and failover

Troubleshooting Lustre

  • Describe troubleshooting methodology
  • Describe the gathering and filing of bug information
  • Describe LNET troubleshooting
  • Describe tools and statistic used with Lustre
  • Describe Lustre I/O Kit
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