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Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0: Deployment Essentials

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The Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0: Deployment Essentials course provides students with a description of the role of Sun OpenSSO Enterprise (OpenSSO) in an identity management solution. Students learn to deploy, configure, manage, and administer OpenSSO. Sun OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 integrates all of the capabilities required to handle SSO, authorization, and personalization into a single, comprehensive solution. This is a major new release of the Sun software products, Sun Java System Access Manager (Access Manager) and Sun Java System Federation Manager (Federation Manager). OpenSSO Enterprise 8.0 unites and enhances the functionality of Sun's former Java System Access Manager and Sun Java System Federation Manager products. This course does not present Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Sun Directory Server Enterprise Edition (Directory Server EE) concepts. These topics are presented in other Sun courses within the identity management learning path. Students who can benefit from this course:System integrators, professional services consultants, enterprise application developers, and other technical personnel


  • Application Developers
  • System Integrator
  • Technical Consultant


  • Execute commands, navigate and manage files and directories, and edit files using the Solaris Operating System command line


  • Define the role of OpenSSO in the enterprise computing environment
  • Download the OpenSSO source code and track OpenSSO issues
  • Deploy a multi-instance configuration with session failover
  • Install and configure Policy Agent 3.0 software
  • Configure OpenSSO using the console and the command line
  • Activate and configure audit logging and debugging features in OpenSSO
  • Configure OpenSSO realms and data stores
  • Configure and customize authentication and single sign-on
  • Configure authorization
  • Customize an OpenSSO instance
  • Remove OpenSSO components from a system
  • Deploy a federated identity configuration, including a fedlet


Introducing OpenSSO Enterprise

  • Describe OpenSSO features at a high level

Working With the OpenSSO Project

  • Log in to, start zones on, and navigate around the Solaris Sandbox
  • Deploy OpenSSO in a simple environment
  • Browse the OpenSSO source tree (optional)
  • Download the OpenSSO source code (optional)
  • Generate reports using the OpenSSO issue tracker (optional)
  • Configure NetBeans IDE and GlassFish for debugging the OpenSSO source code (optional)
  • Run a NetBeans IDE debugging session on the OpenSSO web application (optional)

Preparing an Environment for a Complex OpenSSO Deployment

  • Install and configure two GlassFish instances for use as OpenSSO web containers
  • Secure the GlassFish instances
  • Install, secure, and configure a software-based load balancer
  • Install a user directory

Deploying a Multi-Instance OpenSSO Site With Session Failover

  • Deploy a multi-instance OpenSSO site
  • Set up the OpenSSO command-line tools
  • Configure session failover for an OpenSSO site
  • Verify that OpenSSO sessions fail over

Protecting Sites With Policy Agent 3.0

  • Deploy a Web Server instance that hosts a web site
  • Prepare the environment for the Web Policy Agent installation
  • Install and test the Web Policy Agent
  • Deploy a GlassFish application server instance
  • Prepare the environment for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Policy Agent installation
  • Install and test the J2EE Policy Agent

Configuring OpenSSO

  • Back up the configuration data store using the CLI
  • Modify an agent profile using the console and the CLI

Modify an agent profile using the console and the CLI

  • Review OpenSSO log files
  • Log to a relational database
  • Modify the debugging level using the console and the CLI

Configuring OpenSSO Realms

  • Create the company-wide realm
  • Create realms for national offices and departments

Configuring Authentication

  • Configure data store authentication
  • Configure an authentication chain with multiple authentication module instances
  • Configure account lockout for a realm
  • Use the OpenSSO sample login program to programmatically authenticate to OpenSSO
  • Repair console authentication using the CLI

Configuring Policy

  • Configure a different default login URL in the Policy Agent
  • Create policies for the Example Chocolates web site
  • Create a policy that uses realm authentication
  • Delegate administration to users

Customizing an OpenSSO Instance

  • Customize an OpenSSO instance
  • Customize the authentication interface for a realm (optional)
  • Localize the authentication interface for a realm (optional)

Removing OpenSSO Components From a System

  • Uninstall an OpenSSO instance

Analyzing Federated Identity Scenarios

  • Analyze business problems addressed by federated identity and describe technologies that provide solutions

Configuring SAML 2 Circles of Trust

  • Prepare to federate two OpenSSO instances
  • Configure identity providers, service providers, and circles of trust
  • Verify that federation works

Deploying Fedlets

  • Configure and deploy the fedlet
  • Register the fedlet in an OpenSSO circle of trust
  • Import the identity provider's definition into the fedlet's configuration
  • Verify that the fedlet works
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