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Školení: GL-645

Enterprise Linux High Availability Clustering

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This hands on course covers the high availability clustering and storage management technologies found in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6+. Each student is assigned 3 dedicated machines and builds a cluster that conforms to industry best practices and offers a variety of services.

Students configure their cluster with multipath connections to iSCSI SAN storage and use cLVM and GFS2. Clusters are configured and managed using both GUI and command line tools. Cluster configuration includes advanced topics such as dual-ring Corosync, failover domains, and QDisk with heuristics.

Osnova kurzu:

  • Introduction to Clustering and Storage Management
  • Storage Technologies
  • iscsi
  • Kernel Device Management
  • Device Mapper and Multipathing
  • Logical Volume Management
  • Global File System (GFS) 2
  • Quorum and the Cluster Manager
  • Fencing and Failover
  • Resource Group Manager
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