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Openstack private cloud workshop

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Course Description
This course covers the fundamentals of the Openstack open source IAAS
(Infrastructure As A Service) cloud solution, used for creating private clouds. After a
short cloud and Openstack primer it presents the architecture of Openstack and
introduce its base components in details such as the Horizon GUI dashboard and the
Openstack CLI, the Keystone identity system, the Nova compute service, the
Neutron network service and software defined networking, the Glance image
service, the Cinder block storage service and the Ceilometer metering solution.

  • Describing thebasics of cloud systems generally and the open source Openstack solutionspecifically
  • Presenting the Openstack architecture
  • Identifying the main components of an Openstack cloudsystem
  • Learning the details of the controller node
  • Learningthe details of the compute node
  • Learning the details of the networking node
  • Learning the details of the Ceilometer metering solution
50% theory, 50% hands on labexercises

Target audience
Developers, Sys.Admins andDev.Ops wanting to obtain an initial knowledge about the Openstack open source cloud system.

Basic Linux sys.admin,networking as well as virtualization knowledge,

Detailed CourseOutline
  1. Introduction
    • Overview
    • CoreProjects
      • Nova
      • Neutron
      • Glance,Cinder
      • Ceilometer
      • Heat
      • Swift
    • OpenStack Architecture
    • VirtualMachine Provisioning Walk-Through
    • Lab 1
      • Understandingthe classroom environment
      • Perform initial health check
      • Testinstance creation
  2. ControllerNode
    • Overview Horizon and OpenStack
    • KeystoneArchitecture
      • User Management
      • Keystone CLIoverview
    • OpenStack Messaging and Queues
      • MessageQueue Configuration
    • Image Management(Glance)
      • Glance CLI overview
      • Creation of customimages
    • OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)
      • Cinder CLIoverview
      • Managing volumes
    • Lab2
      • Create and manage users, roles, tenants, quotas
      • Createand manage images
      • Create and manage volumes
      • Checkmessaging
  3. Compute Node
    • Linuxvirtualization basics
      • Hypervisors, KVM, Linuxbridges
    • VM Placement
    • VM provisioningin-depth
    • Instance management
      • Nova CLIoverview
      • Boot/Terminate instance
      • Attach volume toinstance
    • Lab 3
      • Configure flatnetworking
      • Create and manage vm instances
      • Configure VMmetadata
  4. Network node
    • Networkingin OpenStack
    • OpenStack Networking Concepts
      • nova-network vs.Neutron
      • Neutron architecture and     plugins
      • OpenVSwitch concepts
      • Neutronagents
    • Network management
      • Neutron CLIoverview
      • Managenetworks
      • Manage          subnets
      • Manage routers
      • Manage ports
      • Managefloating                 IPs
    • Lab 4
      • Create routers, networks,subnets
      • Associate      floatingIPs
      • Throubleshoot Neutronnetworking
  5. Ceilometer
    • Ceilometerbackground and    usecases
    • Ceilometerarchitecture
    • Ceilometer meters and   pipelines
    • Ceilometer deployment
    • Lab 5
      • Workingwith ceilometer
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